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2021 Session Recordings

Enabling realtime endpoint visibility with osquery
Erin Palmer, Comcast
I'm not crying, you're crying: Making incident response in the cloud less painful with osquery
Ryan Nolette, Postman
Osquery everywhere: What I learned from deploying osquery at scale
Brendan Shaklovitz, Atlassian
Going SOCless at Flexport 
Kevin Paige and Taylor Merry, Flexport
eBPF and the future of osquery on Linux
Zach Wasserman, Fleet
A retrospective of how ideals have grown and shaped osquery
Teddy Reed and Chris Cochran
You've been breached! Deploying osquery (fast) to support incident response
Josh Lemon, Ankura
Reliable osquery deployment for the paranoid
Rob Heaton, Stripe
Untangling the osquery tables
Sevickson Kwidama, DICTU
How osquery's comprehensive visibility enables customer assurance and risk management at Lookout
Grant Kahn, Lookout
Endpoint compliance at your “fingertips”
Kuntal Mukherjee, Comcast
Understanding events: How we're building end-to-end contextual observability with osquery
Ody Lupescu, Ethos
Containers and osquery
Ryan Mack, Uptycs
Extending osquery across the enterprise attack surface
Uma Reddy, Uptycs
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